We raised $33,000 in our online auction. The numbers could shift a bit in the next couple of days, but here is the breakdown as we know it this evening:

Raise the Paddle for Climate Action and Racial Justice: $8,475.00
Give to Support OUUC: $1,625.00
All other Auction Items: $22,900.00
TOTAL: $33,000.00

Once we have finalized our very minimal expenses, we will provide final fundraising numbers to the congregation. In the meantime, let’s celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

Statements will be sent out shortly. Please review your statement for any errors and contact Sharon Love if you have any questions. If it looks good you can go ahead and pay, or if you have a credit card on file, Sharon will process your payment Monday evening. You may also pay through Realm or by check. To let us know you will do that, follow the steps to pay until you get to the place to enter a credit card and look for a link to “Pay Later”.

If you donated items, and you’re wondering who purchased them, you’ll receive an email with all of that information. This may take a few days, but it is coming. We will prioritize time-sensitive items.

Many thanks to all of the donors and bidders. Special thanks to the Auction Team:

Sharon Love, Linda Crabtree, Brian Walsh, Anne Kohlbry, Cheryl Hanks, Deb Ross, Tami Black, Carolyn Keck, Karen Jackson, Anne Radford, Ann Rockway, Karen Romanelli, Karmel Shields, Kelly Thompson, Mary Ann Thompson, Gail Gosney Wrede, Carol Williams, John Tafejian, Martha Guilfoyle, Anna Garrett, Alicia Seegers Martinelli, Tim Ransom, Rev. Mary Gear, Jeff Goltz, Mike Harbour, Ann Colowick, Riley McLaughlin, Jo Sahlin, Karin Landsberg, and Mike Kyer.

With gratitude,
Melanie Ransom, Auction Chair