Our Small Group Dinners have a new name: Friendship Dinners.

Our January 2020 Social Event was a great success, with over 40 attending. Delicious food and social time.

Thanks for participating in our dinners.  Our goals are to widen the participation in the dinners, and include as many individuals as possible with a small group dinner experience. The Social’s allow everyone to be involved, and we think they are a big success.

We are still be recruiting  HOSTS for March dinners, and our intent is to provide more opportunities to engage the church membership and strengthen our community. HOSTS will also be scheduled as GUESTS for dinners, if they are not the HOST.

HOSTS for the spring dinners are for February and March. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being a March HOST.

After March we’ll be requesting a new sign up for the following year. GUESTS can always register if they are new to the program.

General Overview of the current program

Your Friendship Dinners Team

Carol Williams (360-539-7990) hideycat@comcast.net

Trink Newman (847-502-3827) tnewman@northwestern.edu 

Pat Sonnenstuhl (360-943-8933) cnmpat@comcast.net

OUUC Friendship Dinners Sign Up
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