Gratitude and Thanksgiving –

This past Sunday we turned our awareness to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and the work for justice that they support around the world through the annual ritual of Guest at Your Table boxes. For these next few weeks, we are invited to put loose change into a box sitting on our tables. We will turn our boxes in on December 15 and the funds we raise will go to the UUSC. If you didn’t get a Guest at Your Table box and want one, you can pick one up in the Commons on the next few Sundays. You can learn more about the UUSC here.

Last Sunday I also shared a blessing written in honor of two Unitarians, Martha and Waitstill Sharp, who during WWII dared to risk their own comfort in order to help save the lives of those in desperate need. It was out of their experience that they were called to found the Unitarian Service Committee, which later became the UUSC. As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday, here is the blessing for you and for the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Blessings on your week,

Rev. Mary


“All That We Share Is Sacred”

By Andrée Mol


As we gather together,

May we remember

When you share with me what is most important to you,

That is where listening begins.

When I show you that I hear you,

When I say your life matters,

That is where compassion begins.

When I open the door to greet you,

That is where hospitality begins.

When I venture out to bring you to shelter,

That is where love begins.

When I risk my comfort to ease your suffering,

When I act against hatred, violence, and injustice,

That is where courage begins.

When we experience the full presence of each other,

Because of our shared humanity,

Because of our differences,

That is where holy gratitude begins.

May this space be a table

that is not complete

until all are welcome.

May this table be a space of beauty

where together

we create a series of miracles, and

where all that we share is sacred.

May it be so.