It’s Everywhere!

You know how when something comes into your awareness and suddenly you see it everywhere?   Well, that’s what has happened for me with our monthly spiritual theme of integrity. Lately, I have had several conversations that have included stories of integrity and how hard it can be to stay whole and grounded in values.

Last week I wrote about Fred Rogers and the integrity that helped him educate and love generations of children. This weekend two more movies came out that tell stories of integrity. “Just Mercy” is about Bryan Stevenson, an attorney for the Innocence Project who works hard to overturn an unjust verdict for a man on death row in Alabama. Oh, and both Stevenson and his client are African American. It is deeply grounded belief and integrity that keep both men going despite a racist system.

The same theme is present in the movie “Dark Waters” showing at the Capitol Theater (buy local!)  In this drama based on a true story, a corporate attorney takes on the chemical giant, DuPont, to demand justice for thousands of people poisoned by the improper storage and disposal of hazardous chemical waste. It is also deeply grounded beliefs and integrity that keep this man going over decades of litigation.

There is good everywhere if we will only notice it. In these times when the news cycle is of lack of integrity, lack of grounded values, and lack of truth, it is even more important to look for the good when it arises. It is out there, and in here, too.

This month, I invite you to look for integrity in your world. I’ll be eager to hear where you find it.

Blessings on your week,

Rev. Mary