Dear Ones,

Broken hearts and broken windows. The images we see now of protests and conflicts are new to some and reminders to others. We have been here before as a nation. We can do better. Some of us thought we had. Many knew that we hadn’t.

Right now there is an impulse to DO SOMETHING, and there are things to be done. For those of us who are white, I am putting two resources below that suggest ways to take action. You can find many more lists like this online.

Before taking action, though, we need to center ourselves. If we don’t, we can act in ways that further cause harm to those we believe we are helping. We need to be calm in order to listen to the voices that are often silenced. We need to be centered in order to discern what is in service to others and what is about us. We need to be spiritually grounded in order to sustain the work needed for justice.

This Mid-week Meditation offers a bit of time to center, calm, and listen. May it help sustain you for the work ahead.

Blessings on your week,

Rev. Mary