Water is Life –

On September 8 we gathered in community to welcome each other into a new church year with our annual water communion service. As part of that service, we created some waterfalls together with water drops containing our thoughts, hopes, and beloved locations. I have looked at all of the beautiful water drops, relishing and holding the drawings and words written in pain and in love. Thank you all.

Below are some of the beloved locations that you mentioned, as well as some of the words and themes shared. You will also see some of the drawings posted on my office door for the next few weeks.

Welcome back.

Blessings on your week,

Rev. Mary



Wilson, Wyoming                               ancient aquifers                                   OUUC                        Thurston County

Hummingbird Hill Pond                                 Independence Creek                           Chehalis River

Skagit River                            Pacific Ocean                          Schneider Creek                      Home

Orcas Island                            Colorado River                                   McMinnville, OR       Totten Inlet

Northumberland Strait                        Lake Erie                     Budd Bay                    Percival Creek

Seabeck                                   Costa Rica                                           Bay Area                     Bellingham

Friday Harbor             Eastsound Bay                        The Snake River                     Kennedy Creek

Ireland                         Iraq                              Cape Cod                               Berlin              Alaska             Japan

Fernley, Nevada                                  The Klamath River     The Bahamas              Oregon Coast

Fiander Lake               Moclips River Nisqually River                       White Salmon River

Machu Pechu, Peru                 Mount Rainier California Coast                      Admiralty Inlet

Yakima River  Ward Lake                   Glacier             Oyster Creek               Greenland       

Mni Wachoni               Hood Canal                 French River               Mount Shasta             

Melrose, Scotland                   Bowman’s Beach                    Lake Patagonia                        Apache Lake

Mount Baker   Lake Nahwatzel                      Standing Rock            Flint, Michigan           

Amazon Basin             Australia          Scatter Creek              Guemes Island             Dublin

Lake Michigan                                    Virginia Beach                        Yamuna and Ganga Rivers     Methow River  

Atlantic Ocean                        Gulf of Mexico                                               New York                    Priest Lake           



resilience         life                   gratitude          verdant forests             deserts             tear drops

flow                 justice              transition                      God                 enough            love                 buoyancy

worry               above, below, within               spirit                healing                         transformation

purity               freedom                       nourishment                             union of past, present, and future

quenching thirst                       safety               birds and animals                    health               joy

hope                grace                peace               science             sustainability    connection

sorrow             storms              change                         learning                       faith                 stewardship

compassion                  poverty                                    scarcity                        soul                              aging               sanctuary