I am really not good at asking for help. Like many of you (and I know who some of you are…) I am much better at helping than I am being helped. And, sometimes I need help. Last week I needed lots of help to have a rest from Zoom and church work for a few days. And, everyone I asked said yes. Rev. Carol said yes when I asked her to lead worship on Sunday. Kari and Troy said yes when I asked them to lead vespers on Thursday—and Rev. Carol joined in, too. Fritz Wrede, Board Chair, and Darlene, our administrator, said yes when I asked them to be my go-to people if someone needed a contact while I was not checking email as often as usual. Everyone said yes.

Once again, I learned the lesson that it is wise to ask for help and that none of us is on this journey alone. And people will say yes with joy. I am grateful for all the help. 

During this time of global crisis, we need each other more than ever. We need to know that we are not alone and that others will say yes when we ask for help. 

I hope that you are asking for help when you need it and saying yes when others ask. We give and we receive, both and always.

I am reminded of this song from our hymnal: 

From you I receive 

To you I give 

Together we share 

And from this we live. 

May this be so.

Blessings on your week, 

Rev. Mary  


P.S. For the Mid-week Meditation, I offer you a relaxation exercise for all ages. This is a stressful time for all of us of any age. I invite you to find a comfortable place to sit and follow along. May you find comfort and peace in your body, mind, and spirit.