Moments from recent days: 

On Sunday morning during the worship services, lots of beautiful faces smiling at each other online in recognition and welcome. Lots of chatter in the chatbox and connecting during the virtual coffee hour. And song lyrics! (Thank you, Tiffany and Erik!)  Lots of care and love all around.

A new member left a beautiful card in my mailbox with a generous donation for the Minister’s Benevolence Fund. The note said that the weeks ahead would be challenging for many and they wanted to help in some way. 

Yesterday Darlene asked for volunteers to help others with Zoom questions. Ten people volunteered. TEN! They are hard at work today helping get everyone connected.  

Folks who don’t like technology and who never used Zoom went online to join in worship and community. They asked for help, tried things, figured it out, and many were laughing in the process.  

Sunday’s Worship Team did an amazing job of pulling together meaningful services on short notice. Thank you to Riley, Sara, Troy, Kari, Joe, Darlene, and Fritz! 


What a beautiful response to such difficult circumstances. We don’t know what we’ll be called to in the weeks to come. We do know that we are resilient, generous and grateful.  

Thank you. Stay home. Stay well. Stay connected.  

See you on Zoom! Blessings on your week.  

Rev. Mary  

P.S. Last month when we explored the theme of resilience, Liz Clement and Toni Bridges sang this inspirational song.  Enjoy “Resilient” by Rising Appalachia!


Helping Hands 

It will take all of us to get through this together. Please consider stepping up as you are able. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation, so please help us stay connected.  

Remember that Caring Friends is an option if you are at home and need help. There are folks who have offered to deliver a home-cooked meal or other items. This can be done while limiting exposure, so please reach out as needed.  

Some of us will experience financial hardship due to time away from work for illness and closures. Remember that OUUC has a Minister’s Benevolence Fund to help when the need arises. If you need a bit of financial help, please reach out to me at And, if you can donate to the fund, please do so; this is the time. You can do this online or by sending a check to OUUC. Please designate that your gift is for the Minister’s Benevolence fund.