We’ve been at this for a while now, and many of us are eager to have more freedom in our lives, maybe something that feels a bit more like normal. And yet, I hear from many of you that you are understanding that things are not likely to ever return to the way they were. This is a time of transition on a personal and global scale.

I have been thinking and reflecting a lot lately on the future of “church” in general and OUUC in particular. I grieve that I will never experience a full “normal” church year with you, as much as this first year together would have been normal. And yet, this is a time for trying new things and adapting. It pushed us to live stream services, an aspiration I heard about when I candidated with you last year.  

Now, we are in the position to think about what comes next.  

Some of you may have seen the guidance from the Unitarian Universalist Association last week that advises congregations to plan on offering virtual ministry through May of 2021, the next church year. Take a breath and take that in.  

I have been working on a plan for re-opening the building and we are exploring what that might look like for small groups and staff. I don’t expect we will gather for worship together any time soon. We don’t have to be in a rush. We will abide by the guidance of the UUA, the governor, and public health officials. And, we will make the best decisions for our community, grounded in connection and care.  

We are in this for the long haul, grounded in our values of connection and care. How will you stay connected? How will you take care? 

Taking Care 

I will be taking care next week by taking a break from congregational work. I will be “away” from Sunday afternoon through Saturday morning for rejuvenation and renewal. I am also in this for the long haul. And, I want to stay well and whole, connected to myself, my family, my community, and my spirit. I hope you are doing the same.  

With gratitude that we hold the work of the congregation together.  

Blessings on your week, 

Rev. Mary  

P.S. The Mid-week meditation is in honor of Memorial Day. May you have a day for remembering and honoring those who gave their lives for our ideals and freedoms, and all those whom we have lost.