Find an activity or ministry that you would like to participate in. Contact the Committee representative for information about when they meet and what they are working on now.


Many of our lives – and the lives of friends, family, co-workers and others in our world – are affected by addictions to drugs, alcohol, or behaviors such as gambling. Both addiction and recovery from addiction are part of the human condition.

Because we want to create a fully inclusive church community that accepts and addresses the human tendency to addiction, the Addiction and Recovery Ministry will provide:

  • Educational resources and programs for youth and adults in our congregation that promote prevention, awareness and effective compassionate action;
  • A resource center with information about addictions, and resources to help people overcome them;
  • Confidential support and referrals for individuals, families and friends who are in crisis or who wish to explore whether it is time to change; and
  • Ongoing support and companionship within our church community for those whose lives have been touched by addiction.

More information or  how you can receive services.

Want to find out more about how the Addiction & Recovery Ministry works? Contact David Verbon.

skinny chalice  ADULT EDUCATION  

This committee manages the Adult Education Program, which seeks to foster life-long learning and spiritual growth through a variety of classes, workshops, and events. Some specific purposes are to expand and deepen understanding of Unitarian Universalism, to facilitate the search for truth and meaning in all spheres of human knowledge, to explore the many sources of spirituality, and to promote sharing ideas and experiences among the participants.

To learn more about the programs, visit the Adult Education page.

Have a question? Contact Gary Worthington.


The B&G committee maintains our church building and grounds and the Annex next door which houses the Out of the Woods homeless shelter. The committee holds a meeting every month or two and members pick projects they want to work on. The Committee also organizes several work parties throughout the year to do major projects such as improving the landscaping or remodeling at the
Annex. To get involved or to ask for a repair, contact the committee chair. If you don’t want to be a regular member of the committee but
would like to join the occasional work party, let the chair know that, too!

Want to know how you can help with the gardening/weeding? Contact Erik Felch or Rob Radford.

Want to know more about all the committee’s projects? Contact Jerald Dodson.

skinny chalice  FAMILY MINISTRY TEAM

The team focuses on meeting the needs of families, through a Sunday morning Religious Education program and other events and programs,and on supporting the multi-generational nature of our congregation. We work closely with the Director of lifespan Religious Education.

To learn more, see the Family Ministry page.

skinny chalice  FINANCE

The Finance Committee monitors OUUC’s income and expenses throughout the fiscal year and assists the Board with the preparation of the Annual Budget. Meetings are held monthly prior to each Board meeting, typically during the first week of the month. If you enjoy
working with numbers and budgets, this committee is for you!

Questions? Contact Mary Welsh.

skinny chalice  GREEN SANCTUARY

The Green Sanctuary Committee focuses on helping OUUC make good environmental choices in six areas of church life:

  • Energy Conservation and Environmental Practices
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Church Communications
  • Religious Education
  • Worship
  • Environmental Justice

Visit the Green Sanctuary page for more information about all of their activities.

Want to know how you can participate? Contact Leslie Romer.


This team helps members of the OUUC congregation develop their potential for leadership and finds candidates to fill vacancies on the Board and on the Leadership Development Team.

skinny chalice  MEMBERSHIP TEAM

We greet visitors and members at Sunday services and help newcomers to become integrated into the life of the church. We supply the welcome kiosk, and provide informative publications relating to UU and our congregation. We facilitate UU information sessions each month and New Member classes three times a year in October, January and May followed by Welcoming Ceremonies in Sunday services. We also provide Ushers and Greeters who warmly welcome members and visitors to OUUC and provide coffee for fellowship and welcoming after each service.

If you would like to help create a warm and welcoming environment for all on Sunday mornings: try Greeting, Ushering or Serving Coffee!  Visit the Sign Up Page to find out more and tell us when you would like to help out.

skinny chalice   MEMORIAL SERVICES

The Memorial Services Committee coordinates volunteers to assist with tasks related to an OUUC memorial service (ushers, guest book attendant, reserved seating, etc.); meet with the family to explain to them the services we provide, and determine their wishes for a reception; and coordinate the reception following the service.

Questions? Contact Karen Jackson.

skinny chalice  MUSIC

Music is the language of the heart and for centuries it has played an important role in community, culture, and story-telling. Music has the power to bring us together, to inspire us, and to move us. Music within OUUC is an integral function of our congregation, and the Music Committee strives to enhance the community life of the church in multiple, artistic ways.

The Music Committee helps organize concerts, develops choir schedules, participates in community musical outreach, and
coordinates concert participation with other Unitarian choirs. The Committee also organizes and maintains a music library, and
coordinates with other OUUC committees.

Our current committee is comprised of musicians from our congregation. We gladly welcome and strongly encourage anyone to participate with us for the joy of all. You do not need to be a musician. We are seeking interested members and friends who wish to volunteer their expertise, creativity, and commitment in the following areas:
scheduling guest musicians, scheduling and organizing special events, advertising music events, developing concert events, organizing and maintaining the music library, and scheduling artists for
congregational events.

For more information check out the Music webpage. Questions?  Contact Bobbe Murray.

skinny chalice  PARTNER CHURCH

OUUC has a Partner Church in the village of Kissolymos in Romania.  This group works with that church and the UUA Partner Church organization to support that congregation.

Want to know more about what Partner Church is doing now? Contact Mikel Young.

skinny chalice  PASTORAL CARE TEAM

The Pastoral Care team is a lay ministry that supplements ministerial services. Team members are selected and trained by the minister. The function of the team is to offer a ministry of presence to people in times of transition through phone calls or one or more visits, For more information, see the Pastoral Care Team brochure available in the Commons.

skinny chalice  SOCIAL JUSTICE

This committee’s goal is to educate and build awareness in the congregation of social justice issues, provide opportunities to engage in social action, and to provide solidarity with other social action efforts in the community through co-sponsorship, planning support, physical presence at events, and/or financial support.

Visit the Social Justice page to find out more about what our congregation is working on now.

Questions? Contact Carol McKinley.

skinny chalice  STEWARDSHIP

The Stewardship Committee works to raise money to meet the financial needs of the congregation in a way that fosters goodwill, strengthens community, and enhances the spiritual rewards of the Congregation. The committee oversees the major fundraising functions of the church, like the auction and the annual Canvass/Stewardship Drive. We’re always looking for good ideas and for helpers.

Visit the Giving page to find out the many ways we give!

skinny chalice  WORSHIP ARTS TEAM

The Worship Arts Team facilitates the weekly worship services. Committee members act as celebrants to provide the Minister with logistical and ritual support during worship services. WAC works with guest ministers and guest lay speakers and may craft and conduct lay-led services in the absence of a minister.

Membership on WAC is by application, as new members are needed.

Questions? Contact Neil Marsh, Chair.