Coping with the effects of addictions within oneself, one’s family or community can seem daunting, disheartening and isolating. The OUUC Addiction and Recovery Ministry believes that each person affected by addictions is given the opportunity of growth through love and compassion. Inherent in the seed of strife is the truth of a vibrant and joyous life unfolding.

Are you or someone you love suffering from an addiction?

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David Verbon 360-918-2668,

                                       Tess Schulze 360-556-8352,

(Text or leave voice mail referencing OUUC. A responder will call back.)


Addiction Treatment Services

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A vital goal of human beings is to find their purpose in life and having done that, to achieve their highest potential. Recovery, the great promise for those afflicted with the disease of addiction or the burden of codependency, can be attained and abundant help is available for those who seek it. Yes, it can be a spiritual struggle, a physical challenge and an intellectual contest of will, but the reward of achieving a healthy, loving life with very real happiness is not only possible, but it has also been achieved by millions.

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The Addiction and Recovery Ministry Library is one of our most important resources. Persons seeking help while in recovery can borrow one or more of our thirty-plus books. Our library includes well-known authors in the field of recovery, such as Earnie Larson, Melody Beattie and Charlie Rose. The library is located in OUUC Classroom three. Simply fill out a paper slip with your name and contact information and place it in the slip in the box to ensure your confidentiality. Please put the date on the slip as well. Please limit the loan period to one month.


The willow is flexible and will bend without breaking and often symbolizes adaptability and strength. Because of its ability to regenerate, even when planted upside down, the willow also symbolizes rebirth.