The coronavirus has changed life as we knew it, and we will be dealing with new ways of being in community for the foreseeable future. Love wins and creativity reigns, so let’s be together and bring our best ideas. See the Auction 2020 Donation Guidelines, followed by a list of specific ideas the Auction Team brainstormed to jump start your thinking of what you can donate.

Auction 2020 Donation Guidelines

Some things to consider when creating auction items:

Please refer to the most recent guidance from the Governor’s office at the time of your event.

Most likely to occur:

Consider what you could offer if we are under a stay at home order. This means that both you and the person/people involved are to go out only for essentials like food and medical care.  It could include outside activities with just a few people, social distancing and face masks.  (Assumes delivery services are available.)

May be possible:

Consider what you could offer if it was safe to gather in groups of 5 or less, with social distancing and face masks.  This would mean gathering outside or in a space big enough to accommodate social distancing.

Less likely any time soon:

Consider what you could offer if it was safe to gather in groups of 25 or less with social distancing and face masks.  This would mean gathering outside or in a space big enough to accommodate social distancing.

(Less than 25 people is a guess, of course.  It could be 50, but unlikely to be more than that.)

Unlikely before a vaccine or enough immunity is proven:

Gathering in group of more than 50, even with social distancing and face masks.

Other things to consider:


Consider take out or delivery, which supports local restaurants as well as OUUC.  Those that are open are good at taking the safety measures needed to prevent the virus from spreading.
If you choose to prepare food, what will you do to maximize safety?
If you serve food, what will you do to maximize safety?

Cleaning the space:

If you meet indoors, how will you prepare and maintain the space to minimize spreading the virus?  You will want to consider sanitizing before and after.   Depending on the activity, you may need to do some cleaning during the event. For example, if you are sharing something like golf clubs or croquet mallets, what will you do to clean them as they are shared?

 Plan B:

If you plan an event and the guidelines have changed, what is your back-up plan?  Will you reschedule?  Adapt?  Try something different?


Social distancing = people are 6 feet apart; 10 feet is even better.
Face mask = cloth or other covering for the mouth and nose

List of Auction Donation Ideas for 2020:

  • Grocery delivery service
  • Fancy meal porch delivery
  • Garden produce delivery (shares from local organic farms)
  • Fresh flower delivery package (multiple times during the season)
  • Milk and egg delivery packages
  • Movie packages (could include subscriptions to Netflix, Britbox, etc)
  • Book packages (gift cards to book stores or order and ship specific books)
  • Online Tech support package
  • Gardening package – could be garden tools and seeds, or pre-planted, veggies, herbs or flowers, or garden services such as weeding and pruning, etc.
  • Virtual class offerings
  • Technology packages – purchase of hardware and/or software
  • Sanitation packages – this could be household cleaning products, toilet paper, wipes
  • Personal care items like bubble bath, Epsom salts, hair products, hand cream, etc
  • Live online entertainment zia Zoom (Burren Band or Tarik Bentlemsani)
  • Virtual Games— Dungeons and Dragons, virtual game nights
  • Virtual happy hours
  • Zoom lecture and Q&A with luminaries like Austin Jenkins or Denny Heck
  • Facebook Live event
  • Vacation Home Stay package (all the items you need to feel you have gone to El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Paris, etc.)
  • Snack Delivery
  • Gift cards from local businesses. (We would purchase to support the business and also support OUUC.)
  • Small group gatherings like kayaking the Sound
  • Offering of vacation home, camp site etc
  • Pet grooming, walking, etc
  • Baskets of homemade food items – jams, honey, bread a month for a year, baked goods a month for a year
  • Handmade knitted items
  • Clothing repair or designed clothing
  • Virtual Poetry slam
  • Story Oly Online Watch Party