Need Auction Donation Ideas?

One great way to get inspired is to look at previous catalogs. They can be found here (click “Catalog” on the menu after clicking this link): 2019 | 2018 | 2017.

Events & Dinners

Dinners and events bring in a significant portion of the total proceeds each year. Here are proven winners from UU auctions: Beer, Bocce & BBQ; Backyard Bash (cookout and lawn games); Picnic in the Park; Mexican Fiesta; Pool Party; Christmas Caroling Party (hot soup & warm drinks then out to carol); Chinese Dinner (or substitute your favorite ethnic food); Game Night (snacks, drinks & board games); Hootenanny (jam session with food & drinks); Murder Mystery Dinner (they offer scripts for these on the web).  You can replicate one of these winners or come up with your own entirely new idea.  Or put a new spin on one of the classics.

Your Services

UU church auctions are often called “Service Auctions” because the donations that bring the greatest benefit—to the donor, high bidder and the church—are donations of service. What type of service are we talking about? Dinners & events are great but you can also consider donating these services: painting a room; yard work (raking, trimming bushes or cleaning gutters); planting a flower bed (plants could be supplied or not); cleaning a carpet; ceiling to floor cleaning of your home’s bathrooms; handyman services (by the job or by the hour); hauling to the dump; computer repair; clothing alterations; babysitting, art lessons or Christmas present wrapping.

Your Talents

Do you have talents to offer? Perhaps a guided canoe or kayak trip, hiking trip, or scenic drive; a day-trip on the lake on your boat; a ride to and from the airport; a fishing trip; a poker night; home delivery of a homemade supper, cakes, pies or holiday cookies. Or you might just solicit donations from local businesses that you frequent.