Back to the Future online auction, OUUC’s key fundraiser is in full swing! Bids are flying in on the website.  We’re already nearly halfway to our $30 K goal! Let’s all show the fire of our commitment and help secure a bright future for OUUC. Bids will be sealed at 6:00 pm on Sunday. Online auction entertainment Saturday, 5:00 pm. Zoom in to watch our favorite UU cast, including Martha Guilfoyle, John Tafejian, and Anna Garrett, provide a peek into events on the horizon—will our promise meet fulfillment? How will our future begin? New feature! Live auction: Five inviting items, found at the top of the website, will be sold via live online bidding during Saturday’s show. To bid while watching you will need a second device such as a smartphone, iPad, etc., or a friend willing to bid for you and settle charges later.

Please come prepared and join the fun! Zoom Link for show and live auction:
Meeting ID: 858 1381 6386
Passcode: 817482