Thanks to the Annex Cleanup Crew. A batch of intrepid volunteers cleaned left-behind furniture, clothing and other belongings out of the Annex on July 1. It was hard, dirty work and we are very grateful for all who participated – Jerald Dodson, Helen and Hank Henry, Rich Kalman, Don Melnick, Sally and Bob Brennand, Curtis and Wendy Tanner, Rob Radford, and Otto Bulls. We first took all the serviceable furniture out to the street and it disappeared within hours. Curtis and Wendy brought their big trailer and we filled it up with stuff for the dump and Otto made a dump run in his pickup. In spite of the difficulty of the work, everyone was in good humor. Hank Henry also used his week whacker to mow the long grass and then Betsie De Wreede raked the grass and mowed the lawn. THANK YOU to all who participated!!!

– Steve Tilley, B&G Committee