Thank you to everyone who helped us with the memorial service for our son Kyle. Our hearts were deeply touched by your outpouring of kindness and compassion. We are so fortunate to be part of this loving congregation. We mention the following people for their specific contributions but also want to acknowledge the many others who provided the refreshments for the reception or helped in ways we may not know.
Carol McKinley, Troy Fisher, Darlene Sarkela, Riley McLaughlin, Melanie Ransom, Billie Williams, Connie Ruhl, Diana Finch, Martha Nicoloff, Helen Henry, Margaret Knudson, Jack and Karen Jackson, Carol Allen, Michele Hendrickson, Alice Curtis, Ginny Taylor, Sheila Arendt, Anne Kohlbry, Shelley Ferer, Colleen Morsett, Julie Rosmond, Amy and Larry Huntley, Bernadette Farrell, Marti Rutishauser, Jo Ann Young, Linda Selsor, Jean Phillips, Gary and Sandra Worthington.

We are forever grateful,
Maureen and Kent Canny