A very warm thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Travel That Transforms class a success. I especially want to thank all our presenters who took time and care to share your experiences and discoveries for all to benefit. We had quite a variety from waters and wonders of the Russian people, to the meanderings through a history of the Erie Canal, the excursions and episodes of modern-day explorers in the Canadian marine lands, and last but not least, the beauty and spirit of anglo ancestors in the old world UK. Memories shared are new memories made and I will take your memories forward with me.

Special thanks to my sidekick Mary Moore who was ever so helpful, Ann Rockaway who helped me get organized, to Billie for her wisdom and most of all for inspiring us all to let experience be our best teacher and friend. And of course, to Bonnie Guyer Graham who keeps the universe rotating. ☺

Did I forget anyone? Oh yes of course, to my wife Betsy, helping move furniture and so much more.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, etc.

Very good to be exploring the world with you all. I am sure we will have future times to share, so keep collecting memories to share and transform.


Rick Brandt-Kreutz