OUUC is staying healthy, too! 

We hope you all are staying healthy and grounded in these challenging times.  

OUUC is staying healthy, too. We continue to work toward our mission to open minds, fill hearts and transform lives. How we do that might be a bit different now, but the mission stays the same.  

Over these past few weeks, we’ve seen our Sunday worship plus many programs and gatherings move online; Covenant Circles continue to meet, social and support groups gather, some Adult Ed classes are continuing. Many of you are learning new technology or are learning more about what you already use. Our community remains vibrant and connected! 

OUUC remains financially healthy, too, with thanks to all of you. Pledges continue to come in and many of you have donated to the Minister’s Benevolence Fund to help others. Thank you! 

Generosity and Stewardship 

Just this week, OUUC received an anonymous substantial donation in honor of “the humanitarian and community-enhancing programs your church offers.”  This donation in support of our ministries will help us to continue to “work hard and unselfishly to serve those in need, without judgment, whether they are members of your congregation or not.”  What a lovely gift to support our mission!  

The financial pledges made by members and friends are the foundation of OUUC’s financial health. We know that these times are uncertain in many ways. Thank you for continuing to give as you are able. 

In the coming week, many of us will receive a one-time payment to help with financial stability in these uncertain times. Some of us will need those funds to stay healthy and whole. If you are able to share your stimulus funds with OUUC, know that they will go to further support our mission and will be gratefully received.  

Financial Health

Over the years, leadership at OUUC has been committed to building the financial security of the congregation. OUUC is fortunate to have 5% of the operating budget in reserve for an emergency if needed.  In addition, we are exploring the recent financial relief package for small businesses that includes paycheck and benefit protections and mortgage deferral. We are also investigating a recent grant offered by the Pacific Northwest Growth Fund. We will continue to closely monitor the financial health of the congregation.  


On-going fundraising efforts continue at OUUC. Susan Dodson continues her dedication to e-sales. (Thank you, Susan!) And, the OUUC Auction Committee is thinking creatively to envision an event or events that will help build community. Be prepared for something different! 

Commitment to Staff

Commitment to the OUUC mission requires a commitment to staff. The staff are what make the programs at OUUC well supported and spiritually nourishing. All of the staff are working hard to support our mission and move the OUUC ministries online. During this time, we continue to pay the salary and benefits of all staff so that they and their families may be healthy, too. As an employer grounded in our UU principles, we plan to continue this financial commitment to staff through this challenging time. 

Thank you for building beloved community in old and new ways! 

John Tafejian, Board Treasurer                     Rev. Mary Gear, minister