Dear Beloved Community of OUUC:

Your Board of Trustees is now fully staffed after filling several vacancies. Thank you for your trust in the Board and your incredible resilience during this time of great uncertainty. It is our connections and compassion for each other that will help us get through this time of national emergency.

We want to share a few updates with you.

At the congregational meeting the Board was asked to review the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and compare it to the Paycheck Protection Program. Two members of the board and Rev. Mary reviewed and compared both options. After careful analysis, it was determined that the Paycheck Protection Program was the best option. It was unclear if the church was eligible for the ERTC and even if OUUC was eligible it appeared to be less financially advantageous. Thank you to all who participated in this valuable conversation and encouraging the Board to review all options. The church has received the Paycheck Protection Program dollars and we are working to be careful stewards of this funding.

The Board has been working on a disruptive behavior policy and we would like your input. You will find a copy of the draft policy here: OUUC Disruptive Behavior Policy. This policy is part of a larger initiative to enhance our community’s ability to work through conflict and create a safe and healthy congregational culture. The attached policy is only one step in this process, and more is to come.

Please send your feedback on this policy draft through the survey below or join us for a listening session on the topic on Saturday, June 6 at 10:00 am. Or you can do both! A Zoom invitation will be sent to all members of the congregation.

The board has elected new officers.

Treasurer: Jason Martinelli

Secretary: Barry Zickuhr

Vice President: Christine Parke

President: James Trujillo

The board is made up of your elected representatives; please reach out to us regarding strategic issues and policy matters. All operational issues should be directed to the relevant accountable person or Reverend Mary. If you have questions about whom to contact on a particular question, you can refer to the OUUC Org Chart.


Thank you for your careful consideration of this draft policy and for your response.

– The Board