Welcome to OUUC’s newest members who participated in the New Member Welcome Ceremony on June 14.



Dorothy Gist

Dorothy is a grandma to 3 perfect grandchildren who live in Portland and 3 kind adult kids. Her favorite activities are gardening, winter travel, bicycling, babysitting, being in the sun, reading and socializing with friends.

A resident of Olympia’s left side (Co-op) neighborhood for 40 years, Dorothy retired from a career in Public Health 15 years ago. She loves OUUC because it is so welcoming of her agnostic, lesbian, Buddhist, pacifist self where she continues to learn, be an activist and feel loved and accepted by the smartest and most caring group of people.




Dieter Jacobs

Dieter grew up in Olympia and attended the OUUC congregation when it was still in Tumwater.  After graduating from Olympia high school he went to college in Portland and, other than a short time in Spokane to attend graduate school, he lived in the Portland/Vancouver area for almost 25 five years.  Job opportunities brought him back to Olympia a little over five years ago.  He began visiting OUUC off and on over the past couple of years and decided to officially rejoin the community this spring.   He is actively involved in his two teenage son’s lives, be it coaching their soccer teams, cooking them dinner, or helping with homework.  He enjoys a wide variety of activities, including board games, reading, cooking, and finding interesting new places to eat.   He stays active by walking, biking, going to concerts, and exploring Thurston County. He has been working for the Division of Child Support for over 20 years and is currently working as a Program Administrator in Employer Relations.


Michael Kyer

My name is Michael Kyer. I grew up just outside of Lansing MI and came out to the Pacific Northwest in 1992 with the Navy. I fell in love and have stayed ever since.  Krystal and I raised our two lovely daughters, Rebecca and Terra, in Tacoma for ten years, and we made it back down here a few years ago.  We moved in just around the corner from the church, over next to the college. I was raised in a Catholic family, but have led a mostly secular life. Walking meditation in the trees was as close as I came to any religion. Something changed when I walked in the door for the holiday concert. I found great friends, and to my delight, I found that someone had written down lots of the things I have pondered on my walks. There is a lot that I don’t know, so I am looking forward to the amazing conversations to come.



Marjorie Lindsay

After 20 years as a Coast Guard aviator, my husband retired and we moved to our beloved state of Maine. Eighteen years later, I retired from teaching and moved to Snohomish to be close to my family. I have fallen in love with Washington- its beauty, its climate and am especially enamored by the western cedar tree.

A few years ago I moved to Olympia to live with my son, Jonathan, and his family.

A friend and I explored the UU church in Augusta, ME, and found it very much to our liking. I pursued that interest at the Woodinville UUC and now have found that same ‘home’ at OUUC.


Prairie Oksendahl

Prairie is a shy person.  She worked at St Placid Priory as a housekeeping assistant for 21 years.  She recently quit that job hoping to meet new people and learn new things.   She enjoys painting, Pilates, People First Zoom meetings, and her cat.  She likes playing ball with the dog, dancing with the Thurston County Parks, and special recreation.  She enjoys the stories and the music at OUUC and is looking forward to making new friends.  Prairie lives in West Olympia with her family and rides the 41 bus. 3.  Prairie is hoping to find a way she can volunteer at the church.





Annie Cubberly

Annie enjoys gardening, swimming, baking, reading, native plants, birding, long walks with her dog Winnie and days with her daughters and grandchildren.  Annie is retired from a career in child care and early learning and nonprofit management.  She is currently focusing her energy on advocacy for wild places and the environment.   She lives west of Olympia, just past the Evergreen State College.   Annie says her spiritual practice is being outdoors:  in her garden, the forest, the prairie, ocean beaches, or in the mountains.





Mary McCann

I’ve lived most of my life in Olympia since I was a teenager, leaving and returning several times. Now, I’m here to stay. My husband Fritz and I built a house out in the Steamboat Island area 15 years ago and love it there.

We all have to change our course in life for one reason or another. My main reason has been because of Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed when I was eighteen but I am grateful that in between then and now (I am considerably older!) I’ve been able to have some great adventures.

I guess you could say that I’m an artist.

Singing has always been a huge part of my life. I scaled back my dream of becoming an opera singer fairly quickly, but that’s OK, because I have wonderful memories of singing with the Seattle Opera outreach program and with many community groups. Now, I absolutely love being a part of the OUUC choir. There is nothing like making music together.

Painting is another passion of mine. After I took early retirement 25 years ago, I decided to forge ahead. In my recent work, I’ve been exploring geology in abstract landscapes.

P.S. There’s lots more. Just ask!


Barbara Okeson

At this time I live near St Pete’s Hospital; moved from Tacoma to Olympia in 2003.  I enjoy doing work in my yard; I have only rocks in my yard with bushes and small dwarf trees as my piece of property is shaped like a piece of pie.  My backyard is about two bowling alleys wide and I have access from my backyard to the Chehalis Trail.  I am an amateur photographer- and have been involved with photography for many years – starting when I was in the Army. I have two dogs, Madeline and Rufus; there is a cat called Webster that came to us in February 2020.  He brings great joy and manages to keep the dogs on their toes.  I read The Sun, I listen to classical music, I am very involved in music; I have had the opportunity to do a CD of my last recital which was a bucket list item.  I have gone to Alaska; balloon ride in Albuquerque-also bucket list items.  I usually meditate in the morning as it is the quietest time in my house.  Affirmations, calmness, peace, and forgiveness are a part of my journeys throughout my day.  I am a disabled veteran, a first-generation Swede, I have had wonderful experiences and I was married for twenty-five years and I am called Grandma Barb by my stepchildren which is pretty special.


Kim Howard

The desire for spiritual growth and development to help me better navigate life’s opportunities and challenges has led to me attend services at OUUC over the past year. As a child, I was a member of the Unitarian Church in Fitchburg, MA, and have always considered myself a Unitarian Universalist. My educational focus was on political science and social work. I most recently worked as Communications Coordinator for Tumwater schools, leaving that position in 2016 to assist family. My husband of 31 years, Scott and I live in a home on a bluff near the Deschutes River, a location that helps nourish my love of nature. I have a passion for family and friends, for helping connect people with resources, and for political involvement to support social justice. To relax and rejuvenate I enjoy hiking, kayaking, photography, and gardening. I look forward to growing my connections with the OUUC community!


Krystal Kyer

Krystal lives on the westside of Olympia and enjoys spending as much time as possible when not working exploring nearby forests whether it be running, hiking, forest-bathing, birding, foraging, or mushrooming. Having been raised without a religion, after much searching, mostly alone, she has found a spiritual home in OUUC and immediately knew the 7 principles reflected her own beliefs. She is committed to creating a Beloved Community that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned.





Celeste Trimble

I am originally from California… half LA, half San Francisco. Before I moved to Olympia three years ago, I lived in Tucson for 14 years, teaching middle-level English Language Arts at a small convent school, and teaching high school English on the Tohono O’odham Nation. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Literacy at Saint Martin’s University with a focus on Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Myself, my partner Zak, and three of my five kids, Isaac (15), Wyndre (8), and Petra (6), live in the Governor Stevens neighborhood in Olympia. I love to read, write, cook, do book arts and photography, play and listen to music, and explore the world. Spiritually/religiously, I consider myself a syncretist, and I borrow the concept of a crazy quilt of belief to help describe my spiritual inner-workings and expressions. I am committed to justice work, especially through education and story, and this is woven into every aspect of my life.