Great news: we now have a launch date for our brand new OUUC website! We will start transitioning content over to the new site on November 1, and you will be able to see it live on November 3 or 4.

Several members have already seen the new design, and most have remarked on what a vast improvement it is, both aesthetically and functionally, over our current OUUC website. I am so excited for you all to see it and use it starting in November.

Throughout October, I will be providing some resources like previews, tours, and tutorials of the new site so you all can get a glimpse of what we’ll be working with. You can find these materials in the Weekly Update.

Please be aware that while this new site will likely be easier to work with and more pleasing to view, it will not be perfect. Over the last six months, over 25 people have tested it and provided feedback. Our designer has done her best to eliminate any glitches or bugs people have identified; however, the only way to be sure it works for everyone is for everyone to use it! We will await your comments and critique after the launch and be as responsive as possible to fixing any errors that occur.

It will take a couple days to make sure the transition is complete–that’s why our live launch date is flexible. Between November 1-3, neither site will be available for use, so please plan around this as much as possible. We appreciate your patience and will update you as soon as the site is live!

As always, if you have any questions about this process or the site itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out: