Each June Unitarian Universalists from around the world gather to worship, learn and act together at General Assembly (GA). This tradition has been happening since 1962, the year after the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) was formed. This year’s GA will be held on June 23-27 with the theme of “Circle ‘Round for Justice-Healing-Courage.”  

Although participation virtually had been an option in past years, last year was the first ever all virtual GA, and it will be all virtual again this year due to COVID-19. This means that many who would otherwise not be able to participate can do so—no travel or other expenses, and better accessibility. 

I have participated in several GA’s over the years, and I find them stimulating, inspiring and exhausting all at the same time. (This introvert is maxed out by the end of the week.) There are workshops for learning and exploring, inspirational and amazing worship services and rites of passage, reconnecting with friends and getting to know people you’d never meet otherwise. It is an amazing experience. And it’s a good idea to prioritize and pace yourself.  

Part of GA is conducting the business of the UUA, which is kind of a like a congregational meeting for the Association. Each member congregation of the UUA, of which OUUC is one, can send delegates to represent the congregation by voting on a variety of topics, from members of the UUA Board, to Bylaws changes, to Actions of Immediate Witness. OUUC is allotted 7 delegates based on our membership. (I am also a delegate as a minister.) If you are interested in being an OUUC delegate, please contact me at minister@ouuc.org and we can chat. To be a delegate, you must register for GA. The cost is $200, and if this is prohibitive, please also reach out to me so we can help with registration fees.  

In addition to sending delegates to GA, this year OUUC will be represented at GA in other ways. We will send in our GA banner to be part of the opening ceremonies on Wednesday evening during the traditional banner parade. And I will be part of the Service of the Living Tradition on Thursday evening, which recognizes religious professionals who achieve professional milestones, which for me this year is full fellowship with the UUA. The Service of the Living Tradition is live streamed for the general public, so you don’t have to register to attend.  

You can learn more about GA at the UUA website here.  

I hope to hear from you and see you at GA! 

Rev. Mary