We know that COVID guidance is changing daily and that many are worried about the delta variant. Taking the federal, state, and county guidance into consideration as well as the current high transmission rates, we have decided to postpone the congregational picnic. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked with Gail to plan this event! 

We had all hoped to be at a hugely different place regarding the pandemic at this point in the Summer. Rev. Mary has heard from many of us anger and frustration, as well as sadness, and we are disappointed. The virus is not done with us yet. Let’s continue to stay connected in all the ways we can to care for ourselves and each other.  

We are brainstorming ways that we can connect in the Fall, especially for the September 12 Water Communion and Ingathering. Stay tuned to the Weekly Update for information.  

We have been extremely fortunate in the OUUC community where COVID is concerned, in part due to being careful with our gatherings. Thank you for your care. 

If you would like a listening ear for making meaning of this time and feeding your spirit, please reach out to the Pastoral Care Team through the Warm Line at 360-786-6383 x 109 or pastoralcare@ouuc.org 

If you would like to speak with Rev. Mary, please contact her at minister@ouuc.org 

Thank you for your understanding.  

Rev. Mary and Gail Gosney Wrede