OUUC’s adult education program offers a wide range of classes to help members and others in their spiritual development and in a broad variety of life skills, as well as to increase knowledge in specific areas, or just to have fun. The Adult Education Committee reviews ideas for classes, finds and assists instructors, and publishes seasonal catalogs of the class offerings.

Registration is open to all members and friends of OUUC and members of the larger community. To help us keep these offerings sustainable, we suggest a donation of $10 for a single session class, and of $20 for a longer course.

To reduce the chance of class cancellations because too few people have signed up, please register at least a week before your class begins.  Click on the title of the class you would like to take, and you should arrive at the Registration Page. Please contact us if you have problems.

Unless otherwise noted, all class leaders are members of the OUUC community who generously contribute their expertise, time and hard work to develop their course material, completely gratis. Please make every effort to attend all sessions of each class for which you have signed up, or let the class leader know ahead of time if you can’t attend. Newcomers to OUUC can find classes relevant to this faith tradition marked with a chalice logo.

The Adult Education Committee welcomes offers to lead future classes from members of the broader community as well as from the OUUC congregation. Please direct proposals or inquiries to the Adult Education Committee, c/o the OUUC Office (dre@ouuc.org / 360-786-6383), or contact a committee member. A member of the committee will contact you and guide you through the process of setting up your class. Current members are: Margo Curl, Joanne Dufour, Mary Moore, Kathy O’Connor, Larry O’Connor, Julie Rosmond, John Snyder, Pat Sonnenstuhl, Michael Kyer, Gary Worthington (Chair), and Sara Lewis (Staff).




Book Group, Fourth Thursdays 7-9pm

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng (9/24)

The Overstory by Richard Powers (10/22)

Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild (11/19) Early for Thanksgiving

No Book group in December

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker (1/28)

Meditation De-Mystefied For Your HealthSaturdays October 24 and November 14th  1-2:00pm

Are you interested in meditation, perhaps for the purported health benefits you’ve heard about?  (Yes, there is now a growing body of evidence that supports multiple health benefits of meditation practice.)  Have you, perhaps, tried meditation before, but just could not “get into” it and make it a regular comfortable, satisfying practice – but you would like to try again?

Meditation, Demystified is derived from Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response.   It requires no awkward or uncomfortable posture; it can be done sitting in a comfortable chair, or even in bed.  The technique is simple to learn, then it just requires regular practice to actually reap those potential benefits.  You may be glad you learned this method!

Ann Yeo, RN, MSN Certified Holistic Nurse is OUUC’s volunteer Parish Nurse

Membership Class, Tuesdays October 6, 13, 20th 7-9pm

This three session class is a requirement to become a member of OUUC, but it is also of interest to newcomers and anyone interested in a better understanding of UUism and OUUC.

Non-Violence and Peace TraditionsWednesdays October 7,14, and 21 6:30-8pm

The first session will explore the underlying principles of nonviolence. The second two sessions will be informal presentations by individuals from the three ‘historic peace churches:’ Church of the Brethren,Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), and Mennonites addressing how being apart of one of these denominations has impacted their life choices.

Session 1: Glen Anderson will present a2-hour workshop titled, “Nonviolence is Profoundly Principled and Boldly Practical” on Wednesday, October 7 at 6:30 pm.  This will be a 2-hour session.

The workshop explores the underlying principles of nonviolence so you will understand how Gandhi, King and others have understood it.  The workshop goes beyond the ethics and explains how and why nonviolence actually works in practice.  Compelling research and real-world examples affirm its practicality and effectiveness. Many aspects of our society are immersed in violence.  We need to replace those violent systems with nonviolent ways of running our society.  We need a nonviolent society to be our goal, and we need nonviolent methods to help us achieve that.  This two-hour course provides insights that will give you a deeper understanding of nonviolence as es that you can read online and/or print out.

Session 2:Carol Mason (Church of the Brethren) and Jon Jantzen (Mennonite) will present background on two of the historic peace churches, the Church of the Brethren and the Mennonites, and how their own life choices have been guided by their beliefs..  

For these presenters, growing up in, or choosing to join one of these living peace faith traditions, gives them the practices and teachings of courageous historic leaders to emulate.  These traditions give them present day applications in which to live out their deepest beliefs in service, in daily choices for living lives of integrity, and in witness within their communities.

Session 3: Carolyn and Roy Treadway (Quaker)- Carolyn and Roy Treadway are lifelong Friends who grew up as Quakers, with parents deeply involved in the important social justice issues of their times. They met as young children in their Quaker Meeting. When they married years later, they continued to live out their Quaker values and testimonies.

Leaders: Joanne Dufour and Margo Curl

Me and White Supremacy Four Sessions: Mondays  7-8:30, Nov 2, 9, 16, and 23

A 28 Day learning challenge using the book “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla F. Saad. This program will explore the topic of the book through journaling, daily check-ins on a GroupMe channel, and four zoom gatherings. Participants may join in on just the GroupMe channel, just the zoom gatherings, or both, depending on their preference.

Leaders: Rev. Carol McKinley and Sara Lewis

UU History and Theology: What Moves Us Two Sessions, Saturday Nov. 14 and Sat. Dec. 5th, 3-4:30pm

This program peels back the doctrine-rich theological language that can prevents us from affirming our faith experiences with one another and in the wider world. Through shared direct experiences and reflection exercises, readings and lessons, and ethical deliberations, What Moves Us creates an adult faith journey for Unitarian Universalists who want to preach and teach what they already experience but have not been able to articulate: the spiritual power of our faith.

Leader: Sara Lewis