This Summer we have been blessed with many different voices leading worship.  I so enjoy hearing the many perspectives, stories, and experiences of our guest speakers.   Having guests is one way to broaden our minds and open our hearts.   If you attended the service last Sunday, you experienced a magnificent story and reflection from CB Beale, whose identities and life experience are quite different from mine— and what a beautiful service!  One of the gifts of this time is that leaders like CB can join us virtually.

I am also grateful that we are able to support the religious leaders who are in formation.  When I was learning the art of being a preacher, I was blessed to be invited into the pulpit by generous ministers who helped me hone my skills. We are fortunate to have so many new religious leaders in our area, like Joe Rettenmaier, Victoria Poling, and Matt Aspin.  We can experience their voices, too, and support their journey at the same time.

Thank you to those of you who have asked when I’ll lead worship again.  I am busy getting ready for the new church year.  I will be in the OUUC pulpit again starting September 13 and you will hear me plenty this next year, I promise.  In the meantime, enjoy the many different voices.


A note about service recordings on the OUUC website:

The services, and specifically, the sermons/homilies/reflections, offered in the services belong to the speaker, not OUUC.  This is true for our guest speakers as well as for my sermons; my ministerial agreement with you is clear that my sermons belong to me.  (Attorneys call this intellectual property.)

We post as many of the OUUC Sunday services on the website as we have permission for.  Some speakers elect not to have their sermons posted for a variety of reasons, and we support their right to do so.

May we be grateful for the generosity of those who choose to share their message with us in all the ways that they are comfortable doing so.

Be well.  Stay safe.  See you soon.

Rev. Mary