There are many ways at OUUC to connect with others.
Find one or two or three that would mean the most to you!

You can find quick weblinks here: Making Connections Links

  •  Maybe you connect when attending a Sunday service.
  • Maybe you would like to connect with others by providing a service to someone in need.
  • Maybe you would like to build relationships – find a place in our religious community.
  • Maybe you would like to join with others to grow spiritually and learn more about Unitarian Unitarian Universalism.
  • Maybe you would like to participate in Social Justice activities.
  • Maybe you would like to give your time to make this congregation vital and strong; you could join one of the committees or groups that takes care of our building and takes care of our congregation.
  • Maybe you would like to work with children and youth – learning along with them as they explore religion and faith in our Sunday Religious Education classes.



  • Contact the person listed with the group or activity you want to learn about.
  • Watch the weekly Wednesday email and Sunday announcements for more details.
  • Contact any of our church staff.  They can tell you more about all the groups and activities happening at OUUC, and help you discern which ones might be a good fit for you.