We are a liberal religious community that opens minds, fills hearts, and transforms lives. 

– OUUC Mission Statement


Leadership Course:

An online leadership course is available here. New to leadership at OUUC? This is a great place to start.



OUUC Org Chart

Ministry Contacts

OUUC’S Ministries Structure

Governance Manual April 2016 (updated May 2020)

OUUC Covenant

Board Meeting Minutes


Realm – Directory and Communication tools

Contact Other Committee Chairs and Group Leaders – Use Realm to email all OUUC Committee and Group Leaders.

  • Log in to Realm.
  • On the Menu, select Groups.
  • Click on: OUUC Committee, Group and Activity Leaders
  • The News page for this Group will be displayed.
  • To send an email to all the Group Leaders: Click on the pencil in the blue circle to create a Post.
  • Replies to the email will be recorded on the News Page as a Reply to the Post you created.

Need help with Realm? Watch tutorials and videos, and download guides to Realm, on OUUC’s Realm page on this website.


Online Submission Forms:

Expense Reimbursement/Request for Funds

Submit Announcements (How to Get the Word Out)

Calendar and Room Reservation

Buildings and Grounds Work Request

Faith Development Equipment Reservation Calendar


Downloadable PDFs:

Accident or Incident Report

Building and Grounds Use Agreement

Building Use Guidelines

Calendar and Room Reservation

Confidentiality Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Creating a New Group or Activity

Equipment Use Request

Event Publicity Request

Key- Key Card Issue Receipt

Performance Agreement

Personal Care and Support Record 

Request for Funds

Request for Waiver of Building Use Fees




Access to OUUC Facilities – Procedure

Accountable Reimbursement for Ministers and Paid Staff – Procedure

Church Closure – Procedure

Collection Barrels in the Commons – Procedure

Event Sponsorship by OUUC Committees or Programs – Procedure

Expenditure Authorities – Procedure

Financial Operations – Procedure

Handling Uncashed Checks – Procedure

Pledge Fulfillment Follow-up – Procedure

Service Animals in Sanctuary- Procedure

Table Displays in the Commons – Procedure


Caring Friends Guidelines

OUUC Personnel Manual



Realm Illustrated Guide for Members

How to Work with Church Office Staff

Guidelines for Emailing Church Staff

Email List Etiquette

Communications Guidelines



Weekly Announcements

The Commons Magazine

Congregational Connections Brochure

Annual Reports



Contact Staff

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