If you are interested in helping refugees from Afghanistan, here are some options from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee: 

  1. Reach out to your local refugee resettlement agency. There are a number of ways individuals and congregations can support refugee resettlement in their community. Tips and information can be found in UUSC’s Refugee Support and Advocacy Toolkit, Building Bridges. While this resource was created in 2016, it contains up-to-date maps and advice for getting in touch with your local refugee agencies and supporting the resettlement process.
  2. Support organizations who have been working on the front lines of this issue for years, advocating for and providing legal services to Afghan Special Immigrant Visa applicants and refugees. Groups who have led the way on these issues include the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. Check out their websites to learn more about how to support their work.

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Here are some suggestions from activist Valerie Kaur: 

#1 No One Left Behind is working to secure chartered flights and is the key organization helping to evacuate and resettle Afghans in the Special Immigration Visa (SIV) process. These flights are available to any Afghan that is at-risk. Donate on their website. You can follow them on Instagram at @NoOneLeftBehindUS.

#2 International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) is providing legal resources for displaced Afghans, including support for the SIV process and Afghan P-2 refugee program, plus resources for persons not eligible for visa. Donate. You can follow them on Instagram at @RefugeeAssistance.

#3 Church World Services is working to resettle Afghan refugees. Sign-up to sponsor a family arriving in your community. Donate to the resettlement efforts. You can follow them on Instagram at @CWS_Global.