I have written before about the ritual of installation, the covenanting that happens between a congregation and a called or settled minister. Many people have been working to have my installation at OUUC happen on Nov. 6, 2021. This past week, the Board and I agreed to delay the installation until June 2022. I know this is yet another delay and there are good reasons for it.

  1. COVID transmission is not where we hoped it would be and it is highly unlikely that we will be able to gather as a large group in-person in November. United Churches, where we planned the large gathering, is not allowing large groups or singing right now. My wish is for a celebration that we can enjoy together, in person, with all of us singing and listening to the OUUC choir.
  2. It offers an opportunity. Next year, 2022, is the 70thanniversary of OUUC. I have proposed that we combine the installation with an anniversary celebration. (This idea is not mine, North Lake UU in Kirkland did this in May and I was honored to attend.)  This will allow us to celebrant OUUC’s past, present and look to the future.

We are still planning reflection circles to give time for thinking about what it means to covenant with a minister, and a party to celebrate. It will just be a bit later than we thought.

Thank you to the many people working on the installation who have stayed flexible and committed as things have changed. Thanks for your flexibility and understanding, too.

Rev. Mary