The OUUC Environmental Action Team knows we are all in this planet-saving business together, so let’s have some fun and learn some things on our way! Watch for the 10-Month Environment Challenge! Beginning July 2021 through April 2022, Earth Day. The month of July will feature Water Conservation – Conserving the Essential Element in Diminishing Supply.

There will be a different topic and tracking sheet for each month of the 10-Month Environment Challenge. There will be a prize for the highest monthly total and a random drawing at the end of each month. Participants will also be eligible for a grand prize based on total accumulated points at the end of the challenge – just in time for Earth Day!

It is easy to participate:

  • Check out the new challenge every month
  • Track your environmental actions in the provided tracking sheet
  • At the end of the month, send the scanned sheet or its Google link to us (we will remind you)
  • We will let you know who won the prizes for the month
  • Rinse and repeat for the next 9 months

Here are the sheet and the directions for use:

Google account for the environmental challenge.


password: BigfootLives!