This month’s Soul Matters theme was “Story”, and one of the intriguing exercises in the Soul Matters packet was to tell your life story in one sentence. If you haven’t given it a try, I encourage you to do it. It’s a fun and insightful exercise.

What’s Your Sentence?

Author and motivational expert, Daniel Pink advocates distilling the essence of your life’s story down to one single sentence. It’s a focusing device that connects people to clearer purpose. Here’s how Pink describes the exercise:

Here’s how classrooms of children and youth took on the exercise:

After you come up with your sentence, figure out a way to keep it front and center. Carry it in your purse or wallet. Hang it by your desk. Leave it in your sock drawer or glove compartment in order to stumble upon it when you need it most.

Most of all, use this exercise to ask yourself: Do I know the purpose of my life’s story? Or have I allowed my life to become a muddle of mixed and undeveloped storylines? Do I know the central theme of my life or do the plotlines of others dictate my days?