OUUC youth play a game called StatuesLast Sunday our middle and high school youth gathered at a local park for a kick-off meeting to the new year. We had a shelter reserved, so despite the rain it was a great deal of fun, and so good to see people in real life again and be able to play silly games with our whole bodies! In the pictures they are playing a game called Statues.

Besides having fun together, the youth also brainstormed what they would like to do this year. As long as the covid risk levels permit, we’ll be meeting in person as a small group at OUUC. The middle schoolers want to do a curriculum called “D’oh God!” that is based on episodes of The Simpsons with discussion questions, and the high school youth are interested in learning and taking action around anti-racism and reproductive rights. Both groups also expressed their enjoyment of hands-on active service projects and fun field trips in the community.

OUUC youth play a game called StatuesI am very excited to help organize these things with the youth, along with our RE Assistant Anissa Bentlemsani and our volunteer youth advisors. I think it will be a very good year. If you are an adult who would like to work with our fabulous youth, please reach out to me at faithdevelopmentministry@ouuc.org to apply. Adult volunteers must be able to pass a background check and must be over 25 years old to work with high school youth. It’s a fun and rewarding experience to work with these young people. They are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but are already the awesome energetic shapers of today.