The spiritual theme for this month is “Becoming.” It’s a timely theme for Spring as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the return of the light and watch seeds and sprouts become plants and bushes, and flowers bloom.  

It is also a theme that reflects where OUUC is now as we reimagine the Vision, Mission and Ends (VME). We hope to capture what OUUC is becoming or hopes to become. You can learn more about the newly proposed VME here.  

The thing about becoming is that in order to make space for what is emerging, we often have to let go of what has been. This is as true for Spring plants as it is for people; fresh green shoots pop out from under the dead leaves of last Fall. While our past is always with us and can informs our future, what has been may not serve us well as we grow and change. And it may not serve the world as it changes. That is the pain and loss of growth and what some at OUUC may feel as they remember what used to be. Becoming fully who we are can be exciting, a bit scary, and sad all at the same time. Part of being in community is making room of all the feelings within ourselves and others as we grow and change.  

Let’s make space to honor OUUC’s history and for all the human feelings that may arise as we explore “Becoming” together this month and in the months ahead.  

Blessings on your week.  

Rev. Mary 

P.S. This video is of robots with artificial intelligence dancing. For real–dancing. It is another way to wonder about what is means to be and become human.  

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