A loving, just, and healthy world


Our spiritual principles affirm that we are a part of the infinite interconnected WEB of life.

At OUUC we:
Welcome and Wonder
Embrace and Empower
Bridge and Become

In crafting the MISSION statement, we had several primary goals:
• find words that reflected thoughts from the survey, cottage meetings and congregational break out rooms;
• write a mission that said a lot with a few words and was easy to recall;
• reflect the fundamental ideas of the VISION and the ENDS structure of within, among and beyond.
We were inspired by Unitarian Universalism’s seventh principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”
When we welcome people and ideas, we welcome life, in its infinite interconnections and struggles. As we question and wonder, we develop spiritually, expand our minds and strengthen our commitment to social and environmental justice.
When we embrace others among our congregation and in our larger community, we develop new ideas and empower ourselves and each other to learn, grow, and perform courageous acts.
When we put our faith into action, we build bridges with our fellow congregants and our neighbors. We ally ourselves with causes that align with our vision and our seven principles. As we become more thoughtful and aware, we listen, embrace our role as allies, and become more the people we aspire to be.
We believe this mission encourages each of us to find our own way of living out our fourth principle, “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”


WITHIN each of us
Authentic spirituality rooted in courage and personal growth
● I am continually inspired to deepen my spiritual understanding with the love and support of the OUUC community.
● As I grow and learn, I practice my faith, act courageously, and create and appreciate beauty.

AMONG the congregants
Joyful connections built on inclusion and support
● We welcome all persons searching for a spiritual home. No matter your personal identity or your circumstances, you are accepted and cherished here.
● Our covenant is the foundation of strong relationships. Our connections deepen as we learn, love, work, play, sing, and find meaning together.

BEYOND our doors
Thriving communities grounded in justice and interconnection
● We are a reliable, collaborative presence working with our allies to protect the rights of all people and the well-being of the planet.
● As we recognize the intrinsic value of all persons, we reach out with care and compassion to preserve health, dignity, and freedom for our neighbors and beyond.

THROUGHOUT our organization
Resilient systems steeped in spirituality and transparency
● In all aspects of our organization, OUUC operates with transparency, sustainability, integrity, and inclusion.
● All congregants are encouraged to share their talents and participate in leadership opportunities.


Vision, Mission & Ends Powerpoint Presentation