Belief – Class One

Two videos:

  1. UU Belief: UU History of Theological Evolution: stream using computer from Vimeo    7 min 38 sec.
  2. “Love is the Doctrine of this Church” stream from Vimeo of Sara telling the story of the covenant in the Dedham congregation:     7 min 30 sec.

Two handouts:

  1. I don’t ‘believe in’ the Seven Principles article by Muder
  2. 2017.10 The Commons eZine    OUUC: A River of Change

Belief class Goals:

  • Hear the history of UU’s evolving theology (beliefs)
  • Unpack theological openness and diversity – we need not think alike to love alike and Love is the Doctrine
  • Discuss the 7 Principles and Six Sources
  • Intro to importance of covenant/Dedham story


Behavior – Class Two


OUUC Covenant: covenant

OUUC Bylaws amended April 2018

OUUC Organizational Chart 2017

Stewardship letter and info for 2019 pledge

intend to become a member form

membership packet

Making Connections fall 2018 web version


Video describing OUUC’s structure:

Stream the video from OUUC’s Vimeo account, “2018 Stewardship 5”

Behavior class Goals:

  • Understand how we are together as a covenantal spiritual community
  • Understand how we are together as an organized institutional body
  • Explore some of what UU’s do as Faith in Action

Belonging – Class Three


Story of James Luther Adams, told by Sara Lewis


  1. Stream video stored on Minister-Congregation Relationship
  2. Stream video stored on OUUC Members Speak


  1. Making Connections fall 2018 web version
  2. Activity Constructing our church
  3. 2017.10 The Commons eZine      OUUC: A River of Change