Our Parish Nurse, Ann Yeo, like many of you, is eagerly awaiting the “re-opening” of the outside world of social contacts, events, services, and travel opportunities. Yet, the eagerness is tempered with great caution, of course. This re-opening involves such an incredibly intricate balance of slowly getting us back to a normal and sustainable way of life, while hopefully preventing a resurgence of the COVID-19 infections and deaths in our communities. See here for a chart from our governor’s office that details the plans for a four-phase approach (as of May 1st).

We’ve been told that each phase will last three weeks, more or less, depending on what the public health data shows about ongoing infection rates (county by county) as we gradually come out of seclusion.

It’s critically important that we all continue to follow the published safety guidelines, especially those of us who have a higher risk for complications if we actually contract the virus. Those with a higher risk include those 65 or older, and those with underlying health conditions that compromise their immune response (ability to fight off an infection).

AT OUUC, our Minister, Staff, and Board of Trustees are working on a very thoughtful, detailed, gradual, phased-in Plan for In-person Reconnection and Re-opening the Building – striving to balance our very real need for in-person connections and the need for maximal safety for all. “It’s a long row to hoe,” my grandmother used to say, as I helped her in her large vegetable garden on her farm in rural Virginia. “It’s a long row to hoe,” as we look forward to GRADUALLY reconnecting and reopening our church.

For now and the foreseeable future, we stay connected as best we can – via ZOOM or other social media, or by old-fashioned phone calls. Do you remember that old AT&T advertising slogan that encouraged us to “Reach out and touch”?

-Ann Yeo, RN, MSN, Certified Holistic Nurse