Do you have any items worth at least $40 you’d be willing to donate to help the church?

About 2% of OUUC’s annual budget comes from our ongoing eSale Giving Fundraiser where we sell your erstwhile treasures on eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. We’ll find new homes for some of that ‘good stuff’ you no longer need, save you the trouble of selling it yourself, and give you a detailed receipt for your tax records (if needed). Please keep OUUC in mind whenever you’re in the mood to declutter!

eSale Giving Donation form  – Or just contact Susan Dodson.

Check out our items currently for sale on eBay. Note: We are not currently selling items locally on Craigslist.

Many of your generous donations to OUUC’s ongoing eSaleGiving fundraiser find just the right new homes. Mary Walton Cameron’s coin silver beverage service set that had been in her family since 1810, is back in use serving guests of the U.S. Embassy in Dubai. One of the Hendrickson’s Rie Munoz prints went to a local man whose home had burned to the ground; that painting was one of the things he was missing most. An antique steamer chest found its way to a U.S. soldier returning from Iraq, whose initials are the same “A.J.P.” stenciled on the side of the trunk. Twenty-two souvenir/art tiles collected by Evey and Ruth during their world travels are now memorialized in a splendid kitchen backsplash. Glennis Lanning’s huge set of vintage Noritake china was added to a grandmother’s smaller set so she can continue serving elegant holiday dinners to her growing family. The gentleman who purchased the Nielsen’s 1824 engraved German print of “Der Mitag” wrote to tell us a Paper Conservationist had restored the engraving to its former glory. Thank you for trusting us to find loving new homes for your erstwhile treasures – and raise almost $100,000 for our beloved Congregation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did the eSale Giving fundraiser get started?

A. A couple volunteers had fun selling items left over from the 2014 Cinco de Mayo auction on eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. They researched what would be involved for OUUC volunteers to sell donated items on an ongoing basis and presented the idea to OUUC for approval.

Q. How does the eSale Giving fundraiser work?

A. Basically, OUUC members and friends donate items they no longer need and get a detailed tax receipt (if requested). OUUC volunteers sell your gifts on the world wide web. Your items find a new home and OUUC gets the money!

Q. What types of items can I donate?

A. Be creative! It takes effort to sell each item so we can only accept items in good condition that will likely sell for at least $40. If you’re not sure, we’d be happy to take a look and see if we think it will sell.

Q. I have collectible books to donate. Should I save them for OUUC’s annual Books, Brownies & Beans sale?

A. We’ve started selling some special books, DVDs, and CDs on-line so we can get full value for them. The proceeds from these sales will go to organizations serving our homeless neighbors unless you specify that your gift should benefit OUUC directly.

Q. How long will you accept donations?

A. eSale Giving is an ongoing fundraiser for the church. Please keep OUUC in mind whenever you’re in the mood to declutter!

Q. How can OUUC get full value for my gift?

A. We need a detailed, candid description of each item and its condition to get the best price. It helps if the items are clean and with original packaging if available.

Q. Can I donate a car or boat?

A. No. State and Federal requirements are very complicated for vehicle donations. However, if you decide to donate the proceeds to OUUC after you sell your vehicle, that would be great!

Q. Will my donation be tax deductible?

A. It depends on your tax situation. OUUC will provide a receipt/ acknowledgement for your tax records (if you request one), with no value specified . You are responsible for meeting IRS rules for valuing your donation.

Q. How will you sell my gift?

A. We’ll sell it where we think we can get the best price. OUUC has seller accounts on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist.

Q. Are the Internet selling fees high?

A. Selling on Craigslist is free. As a registered eBay Giving Works charity, most eBay selling fees are waived and the PayPal fees for transferring funds are reduced. Amazon fees range from 20 to 30%. Fees are paid only when an item sells.

Q. Who can donate items?

A. Anyone can donate! In addition to the many hundreds of items donated by our members, we’ve received several wonderful gifts from neighbors, family members, and friends of our members.

Q. I’m in! How do I donate my items?

A. Fill out an eSale Giving Donation form electronically on the OUUC website. We will call you to arrange for pickup or delivery of your gift. Or, just contact Susan Dodson.

Q. What happens if you can’t sell my gift?

A. If an item doesn’t sell and OUUC doesn’t have a use for it, we will pass it on to another local charity. We can only return it to you if you did not request a tax receipt.

Q. Can I sell my item myself and donate all or part of the proceeds to OUUC?

A. Absolutely! We can show you how to designate OUUC to receive a percentage of the proceeds when you sell items on eBay. Your selling fees will be credited back to you for the percent you donate.

Q. Can I donate items instead of pledging?

A. No, please. Proceeds from fundraisers make up only a small and uncertain percent of OUUC’s budget. Your generous annual pledge is, and always will be, vital to sustain our beloved religious community.

Q. Can I buy items given by others?

A. For sure! You can check out the items for sale on Craigslist, eBay.

Q. Will this fundraiser put OUUC’s tax exempt status at risk?

A. We did extensive research and found that as long as we only sell donated items and almost all the work is done by volunteers, our Federal and State tax status will not be impacted. Thirty-five other Unitarian Universalist congregations are also registered as eBay Giving Works charities.

Q. Shouldn’t I hang on to my items for the OUUC auction?

A. The items that sell best at OUUC’s annual community auction are social events and member services. With the entire world as our marketplace, we should be able to sell your gifts for more on the world wide web–plus, OUUC will receive the money sooner!

Q. Do you need help selling donated items?

A. We sure do! If you have online selling experience or want to learn, we need more people on the team. Contact Susan Dodson to let her know you’d like to help.