What is Our Whole Lives (OWL)?

Our Whole Lives is a comprehensive sexuality education program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Churches of Christ. It is holistic and values-based, and grounds sexuality in the “3 R’s”: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.

There are multiple developmentally appropriate classes offered:

Kindergarten-1st grade will next be offered winter of 2021

4th-5th grade will next be offered winter of 2020

7th-8th grade will next be offered school year 2021-2022

10th-12th grade will likely be offered in winter of 2020

Young Adult (unknown when we will offer)

Adult (unknown when we will next offer)


For inquiries about upcoming Our Whole Lives classes, contact our Director of Religious Education at dre@ouuc.org

Our Whole Lives helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. It equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas: human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, and society and culture. Grounded in a holistic view of sexuality, Our Whole Lives not only provides facts about anatomy and human development, but also helps participants clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality.


4th and 5th Grade Our Whole Lives Begins in January 2020

There will be a mandatory Parent/Guardian Orientation on January 12th, 12:45-3:30.

Classes will begin January 26th, 12:45-2:45 and go for 10 weeks

Minimum class size is 6, maximum is 20