Born and raised in California, I went to high school in Huntington Beach, California (where we had both a water polo team and a surfing team, in addition to football, etc.). I attended Beloit College in Beloit WI, graduating with a B.A. in Theater Arts. I worked one professional theater job and decided I preferred to eat regularly, so I went to work in retail management, then for a large property management company in Laguna Hills, CA (Leisure World).  I met and married my husband Bob and had daughters Catriona and Sarah.  I resigned from my property management job to raise my girls. We all attended Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Vista, CA. PUUF, pronounced ”poof”, where I attended adult R.E., the kids were in R.E., There was no choir so I sang with a regional concert choir.

We moved north to WA state in 1992. Sarah was 13 months old, and I made several forays into the Olympia area looking for the Unitarian Universalist service. Right address (Tumwater church), wrong time!  I sang with the choir on the second visit, volunteered to check in families for the photo church directory my first month or so, and signed the membership book soon after.

Here are some of the roles I’ve had since we joined the congregation:

Choir member most of the time I’ve been a member.

R.E. teacher for most age groups at different times,

Trained for and facilitated Our Whole Lives once for grades 7, 8, and 9, and last spring for grades 4,5, and 6.

Auction data team member several years

Stewardship team member for a couple of years

Emergency shelter overnight host and Camp Quixote host once each.

Books Brownies and Beans baker, cashier, greeter several years

Went to Transylvania with the OUUC Choir in 2004, then was a member then co-chair of Partner Church Committee for two years

Worked on the early version of the Addictions Ministry project when Arthur was minister

Current member of the Book Group

Since 2004 I’ve worked for Aramark which has the concession to operate the food services at The Evergreen State College.  I’ve done primarily office administration and human resources work, but last year was pleased to be chosen as Senior Marketing Assistant for the account, which I’m still doing in person.