The OUUC Environmental Action Team knows we are all in this planet-saving business together, so let’s have some fun and learn some things on our way! Join the OUUC monthly Environmental Action Challenge! Thanks to all who participated in our July Water Conservation Challenge. Send in those tracking sheets by August 13 to enter and win “valuable” prizes!

The month of August will feature Energy Saving Home Cooling – Staying Cool Day to Day. Wow! And what a summer we’ve had to try ways of staying cool at home! The NW does not have a huge number of air-conditioned homes and apartments. Traditional air conditioning units can be energy hogs, so we have some tips on how you might stay cooler in your home without jacking up the energy bill.

It is easy to participate:

Check out the new challenge every month.

Track your environmental actions in the tracking sheet located here. (If you need a refresher on how to fill it out, you can find instructions here.)

At the end of the month, send the scanned sheet or its Google link to us (we will remind you).

We will let you know who won the prizes for the month.

Rinse and repeat for the next 9 months.