This week I attended the Fall meeting of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Unitarian Universalist Minister’s association. I have been a part of this group since 2015, so I have met many of my colleagues in person, which was a help when we were online.  

In addition to deep check-in and some social time, we received training on trauma in ministry and how to best serve our congregations in these times. It was a helpful, thought-provoking presentation and much appreciated by many of us.  

Part of the training that was helpful to me was a reminder that no one can face the hard stuff all the time. We must be able to turn away on occasion, not to deny the hard stuff that is happening, but to rest if even for a moment. One way to rest is to turn toward beauty and joy. There is beauty and joy in the world, even now, especially now.  

What has brought you joy this week? What beauty is there in your world? 

Here’s what made me notice and smile this week: 

  • My ginger tabby cat Lucy curled up, napping, with her paw over her eyes.  
  • Looking out from my reading chair to see a rare bit of sunlight making the red, yellow, and orange leaves glow. 
  •  Many boxes of books at OUUC ready for the online book sale.
  • Five, yes five! deer running through our yard this morning.  
  • Reading a mystery that I didn’t figure out all the way to the end.  
  • A deep and rich conversation with an OUUC member about life, death, and the state of the world.  

I invite you to notice this week what makes you smile and what beauty is in your world. It is important, especially now. 

Blessings on your week. 

Rev. Mary