This past Sunday, many of us were in the OUUC parking lot for a Drive -Through event. On a partly cloudy Fall day with fresh, clean air, we had the chance to give and receive, and perhaps even more importantly, to see each other.

As is the practice at OUUC, there was a chance to donate: books for those incarcerated at Shelton and school supplies for students at L.P Brown. At the end of the afternoon, there were three pickup truck loads of books and Rev. Carol’s car was bursting with school supplies!

The Environmental Action Team collected several boxes of dead batteries and fluorescent bulbs that will not go into the landfill. The choir turned in boxes and bags of music and 46 people picked up new music to work on this Fall. Many of your picked-up chalice kits and RE supplies and chalice stickers.

There was Music! Bubbles! Balloons! We saw each other in person and smiled with our eyes above our masks. It was a joyous party!

There is plenty to be discouraged about right now, and we don’t have to look hard to find it. This makes it even more important that we look for moments of joy.  Like those who paused to laugh and let some soap bubbles come in through their car windows. Those who brought items to make the lives of others a bit better. Those of us whose smile muscles were tired at the end of the day—in a good way!

This week, I invite you to use all your senses to notice what is around us. There is beauty and wonder in the world. May you notice moments of joy.

Blessings on your week.

Rev. Mary


An update on Rev. Mary’s schedule:  This year I am taking Mondays off (no church work or email) and taking Fridays as my research and writing day (focus on sermons and homilies, not much email). You will see this at the bottom of my emails.  

Next week I will take several days of study leave to prepare services for the next few months, so will not have many meetings or check email as often. You will see this in my email response.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.