The OUUC choir sings a song by Brian Tate called “Overflowing:”

Overflowing.  Overflowing.  My heart is growing in gratitude.   

My heart is overflowing this week with gratitude to the OUUC Auction Team–WOOHOO!  And to each of you for your participation in the auction and your generosity.  So many of you donated items, which were extra creative this year.  And, many more of you bid on items.  The response was overwhelming and so much more than we imagined.  Thank you for your commitment to OUUC and how we can be a force for love and justice in the world.  Overflowing in gratitude.


Speaking of thanks, I am looking forward to some time for rejuvenation in the weeks to come.  Starting next week, I will take a week of study leave (which means that I get some things done that I don’t have time for otherwise, like reading that book that has been on my desk for a while) and then two weeks of vacation.  John & I don’t plan to travel anywhere but instead will get to know Olympia a bit better.  There are many beautiful places nearby that will be new to us. I am grateful to Darlene and Sara and Rev. Carol and Kari and Troy and Marie and all who make it possible for me to disconnect and rest.


I hope that each of you will find time this Summer to disconnect from whatever routine you have now, whatever devices are in your life now and enjoy the beauty of Summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Blessings on your weeks to come,

Rev. Mary

In this Mid-week meditation, I invite you to dance.  Yep, meditation doesn’t have to be quiet or still.  This piece is one of my favorites to dance to.  Enjoy!

The Nylons – “Bop ‘Til You Drop”