It’s less than two weeks to election day and anxiety is rising everywhere-in us as individuals, in the media, online, and in our society at large. How are you taking care of yourself and others right now?  

Here are some things to consider for our spiritual care in the weeks ahead: 

  1. How are you staying grounded and connected to something greater? (God, the Universe, the interdependent web, whatever you wish to call it) What is your spiritual practice or practices, and are you using them? Are you connected to a community that nourishes and supports you?  

During the week of the election, we’ll offer a daily time to slow down, connect to yourself, something greater, and to community.  Join us on election night at 7:00 pm to be together virtually. We’ll also gather briefly at 7:00 pm daily after that. The link will be on the website and in this update next week.  

  1. How are you managing your expectations? How are you handling uncertainty?

It is unlikely we’ll know the outcome of the election on November 3 and it may take a while to have an answer. Acknowledge the uncertainty and focus on what we can control-whether we vote and helping others to vote. What do you have control over? Pay attention to that.  

You can register to vote in Washington through October 26 and ballots are due on November 3. If you need any help getting registered to vote or need help delivering your ballot and prefer not to mail it, please feel free to reach out to me:   

  1. How are you managing your intake of news and information? What are your trusted sources of information?

It is hard, if not impossible, to discern well and make good choices when we are overwhelmed, and many of us are right now. Turn to your trusted sources of information and limit your intake. Make a plan for staying informed and not overwhelmed. Make a plan for election day and the days to follow for how you will stay grounded and connected to what sustains you.  

Take a moment to pause. Join us on election evening at 7:00 pm and daily after that.  

This is not a time to be alone….and we are not alone.

See you soon.

Blessings on your week, 

Rev. Mary