by Wendy Steffensenouuc-green-faith-initiative

March 11 was the official launch of GreenFaith, here in Olympia and around the world. In 49 countries and with over 400 gatherings, people of faith around the world called upon political leaders to respect the earth and all of its inhabitants. This call is rooted in love, and is supported by the teachings of many faiths. It is a run-up to COP 26, the global climate conference in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

There are 10 global demands listed by GreenFaith, and three additional ones added by your Olympia planning group. Here they are, with the last three being the Olympia demands.

  • End the planet’s desecration
  • 100% renewable energy for all
  • Jobs and healthcare for all
  • Respect Indigenous rights
  • Eliminate immoral finance
  • No more climate pollution
  • Just contributions from wealthy countries
  • Global finance aligned with compassionate values
  • Bold faith community leadership
  • Welcome for migrants
  • Shelter for all
  • Respect and equality for all
  • Declaration of a climate emergency

Olympia GreenFaith was sponsored by the Environmental Action Team with yeoman’s work done by OUUC members, Wendy Steffensen, Sue Langhans, Barb Carey, Frank and Pam Turner, and Phil Pearson, Bahai member Sandy Ware, and Holy Wisdom All-inclusive Catholic Community member Kim Murillo. It was attended by 46 people over Zoom, supported by OUUC’s super capable media special Jo Sahlin. You can watch a recording of the event here:

The event was publicized with letters to the editor, bulletins in church newsletters, and sign waving at busy intersections the week prior to the event. For the event, 10 different faith traditions were represented, where each representative read one or two of the demands or prayers. Reverend Mary Gear represented OUUC, lending gravitas to the event. We also were blessed with a land acknowledgement by Paul Cheokten Wagner (Founder of Protector of the Salish Sea and Saanich tribal member) and original songs by Holly Graham and Rose Morrison.

At the close of the ceremony, specific actions for the earth were listed and a call to make a despacho (an Incan ceremonial prayer) was made.

The planning group for Olympia GreenFaith has decided to hold prayers focused on the theme of sacred land – sacred people on the 11 of each month at noon. April’s gathering will be sponsored by Holy Wisdom All-inclusive Catholic Community.

For more information or to get involved contact Wendy Steffensen at