I’m writing this on Wednesday evening after a wonderful meeting with the Worship Arts Team.  This Team is working hard to craft meaningful worship for the weeks ahead, through the holiday season into the new year. As we checked in with each other, one of the Team members asked, “Does it feel like the week before Christmas?”   

Nope.  Although there are lights up in my neighborhood and carols in the air, I’m struggling a bit to recognize that it’s almost Christmas.  Even as I work with Troy and Sara to prepare a Christmas Eve service, it’s a reach to connect with the message of this season in this year.  

Each Sunday we Share from the Heart, acknowledging the complexity of life and our lives.  My hope is that you will embrace the complexity of your life at this time of year and in this exceptional year.  The darkness of the longest night mixed with the light of our chalice. The longing for seeing family and friends in person mixed with gratitude for the technology that keeps us connected.  Homesickness mixed with the adventure of creating new rituals and traditions 

There are many messages in the holidays celebrated at this time of year—embracing darkness and light, the power of resistance, resilience and persistence, and the birth of a child who brings a message of love and hope.   

May you find what you seek in the stories, rituals and songs of this season, old and new. It is not the same this year. And perhaps that is a message of this season, too.   

Sending blessings for your week.  

Rev. Mary