Joining the power of meditation and deep listening: Workshop coming to OUUC February 7-8.

Last September, 3 members of our congregation, Neil Weinberg, Loraine BartonHaas, and Jim Anest, had the pleasure of participating in a workshop to learn the practice of Insight Dialog (ID). ID is a way to bring the tranquility and insight attained in meditation directly into your interactions with other people. Below you will find a brief description and links about ID. This practice is both important in our deeply fragmented times and very consistent with the 7 UU principles and the mission and ends of OUUC. ID is a practice that could well augment the “deep listening” initiative that is now happening in the congregation with Neil Weinberg, Jim Anest, and Martha Nicoloff. You are invited to an introductory workshop to be held at OUUC on February 7 and 8 (Friday 7:00 – 9:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm). Previous meditation experience is recommended but not required. Other than structured dialog, the workshop will be held in Noble Silence. No registration is required. Please plan to attend either the Friday evening or both Friday and Saturday sessions. There is no fee for this offering. We invite participants to offer dana (a freewill donation) in support of the facility and the teachers in this circle of generosity.

What is ID? “Relationships can be the source of our greatest joys and, paradoxically, our greatest suffering. Thus they are a particularly rich ground for spiritual practice. Insight Dialogue brings mindfulness directly into the stresses of relationship. As we calm down and begin to release old habits of relating, understanding, and communication improve naturally. As the practice matures, compassionate observation of relational stresses as they arise opens a pathway to true freedom.” Source.

Book by the creator of ID, Gregory Kramer: Link.