Save the Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 1 pm. We plan both virtual and in-person participation at The United Churches in Olympia.  

So, what’s an installation? It’s a ritual of covenanting between a minister and a congregation that includes a worship service and a celebration. Typically, an installation happens in the first or second year of a new ministry, but we know that these past two years have been anything but typical!  

There are many people helping with this important celebration. You’ll hear from Zoe Myers this week and Neil Weinberg next week.  

Thank you to Zoe, Neil, and the many hands that will help make this occasion joyous! 

Blessings on your week.  

Rev. Mary 

It’s official, Reverend Mary’s installation is scheduled for November 6th. Like so many important events this past year, Reverend Mary’s installation has been rescheduled, rescheduled again and finally put on hold until we could be sure this event was joyful, meaningful and safe for all participants. We are currently planning for a hybrid event both in person and virtual, with the on-site event being hosted by The United Churches of Olympia.  

The installation of a minister is both ceremonial and celebratory and formalizes the covenant between the newly settled minister and the congregation. Back in January a small group of us got together to brainstorm ways to be sure that all members who wished to be part of the celebration, either in-person or virtually, would feel included, have a chance to engage in event activities and enjoy themselves. There will be many opportunities for you to volunteer to be a part of the event, and we will communicate those to you as we get closer to the date. But in the meantime, there are two projects for which we are recruiting volunteers now.  

Of course, any good party has food. And how do you feed people who are only participating virtually? We came up with the idea of a treat bag that would be provided to those choosing to attend remotely. Mary Ann Thompson will be leading up this project and could use some volunteers to help with planning and implementation. Contact Mary Ann in the OUUC Connect Directory or the Request for Contact Information form if you’d like to help.  

We are also planning a fabric art project that will give all congregants the opportunity to design a small fabric flag that will be displayed at the Installation and then back at OUUC. No special artistic skills are needed because the images on these flags will flow from our hearts and be a visual representation of our Beloved Community. Lorna Sheveland will be organizing this project and would love some help. Contact Lorna in the OUUC Connect Directory or the Request for Contact Information form. 

In addition to Mary Ann and Lorna I’d like to thank Sharon Love, Martha Guilfoyle, Kelly Thompson, Beth Johnson, Melanie Ransom and Gail Wrede who have already stepped up to help organize the Installation. If you’d like to join us, or you have any questions, you can reach me in the OUUC Connect Directory or the Request for Contact Information form. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Zoe Myers 


How do we covenant with Rev. Mary, our Settled Minister? Read Neil Weinberg in next week’s edition of The Spark!