Our Leadership Development Team is gearing up to present a slate of candidates for 3 positions on our Board, and 3 on the Leadership Development Team (LDT) at the Spring Congregational Meeting. We opened our last meeting with these words from “Serving with Grace: Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice” by Erik Walker Wikstrom – “Imagine if the practical and administrative work of the church – meetings, planning, teaching, etc. – was understood not as a necessary evil but as an integral part of the mission of the church to spiritually nurture us. What if lay leadership were not as a means to an end but as an end in itself? Could you experience the meeting room as a zendo and the deliberations of a task force as a form of group prayer? Imagine church not as a place led by a few overly taxed people but one where leadership is a broadly shared ministry that members of the community undertake for the deep joy of it.”

Do you know someone who should be offered the opportunity to participate in this shared ministry? We don’t want anyone to be overlooked. Please suggest people you think we should nominate to the Board or the LDT (including yourself if you are interested). The current members of the LDT are Don Melnick, Jennifer Sabel, Pat Sonnenstuhl, Sharon Love, and Tim Ransom. Any of us would be happy to answer your questions about our process, but please send your suggestions to Sharon Love (text or call). We would appreciate receiving your suggestions by the end of November.