It’s no coincidence that OUUC’s Leadership Development Team is rolling out a new survey of the congregation’s skills and interests at the beginning of this fall’s Stewardship drive. Stewardship at OUUC takes many forms, from financial contributions to engaging in the “work” of the church and its programs; it really does take a village to make OUUC function successfully, and every one of us has aptitudes, interests, abilities, and a capacity to learn that can benefit of our beloved community.

Building community itself is a form of stewardship. Much of our congregation’s community life is based on the many interests and activities that we share. As we pursue those interests, both in and away from the church, we learn about each other and ourselves. For some time now, our usual methods for learning about each other—chats over coffee in the Commons, lingering after meetings, check-ins at gatherings—have been greatly hampered by the pandemic shut-down.

So that’s why this new survey includes many of the things we do for fun and self-improvement, as well as those skills and interests that can direct us into programs and roles at church. The information you provide will be added to your profile in OUUC Connect (Realm), where it will be available to other members of the congregation, and periodically reports will be issued that will allow us to more easily find others who share our special interests.

For now, the survey will be available only online here. The link will take you to your OUUC Connect (Realm) account.

You will see the Select Skills and Interests button:

If you don’t have an OUUC Connect (Realm) login, we can help with that! Please contact the church Administrator, Darlene Sarkela, if you need help.