Welcome to membership status at OUUC!

You are on the pathway to becoming a member of our religious community.

If you have already completed the series of OUUC New Member classes as described in the Adult Education catalog;

AND decided to become a member of our congregation.

Next steps:

  • Complete the three separate secure online forms below. Hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of each separate form.
  • Once the paperwork is completed you can participate in the New Member Welcome ceremony during the designated New Member Welcome Sunday worship service. You may contact our Community Life Coordinator at communitylifeministry@ouuc.org or the church Administrator at administrator@ouuc.org if you have questions.
  • You may also schedule a meeting with the Community Life Coordinator so you can learn about how you can become involved in congregational life, find your place in our religious community, and further your faith development. Send an email to: communitylifeministry@ouuc.org. Thanks!



New Member Information

month, day, and year
List the names and birthdates of children to include in the online directory.


Stewardship Pledge Form

Please fill out this form and be sure to click the Submit button. You will know the form was successfully submitted when you see a Thank You message.
$ amount for the pledge year (January - December)
I am unable to pledge financially at this time but will continue to support OUUC with my time and talent. Please keep me on the roster!


Meeting Notification Opt-In

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